We work with many types of business owners and professionals, here are some of their stories.

PSG helps Don and Kim MacRae build and sell dental clinics, invest their earnings, and protect their family’s financial security

Andre Brosseau of Innov8 Digital Solutions uses PSG to re-configure personal estate planning to ensure faster investment growth and long-term financial security.

Rich Bell, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, utilizes PSG’s expertise to invest in new business opportunities, secure his family’s financial freedom, and connect with and learn from other business leaders.

PSG helps Ryan Foster, medical director at Interior Health critical care, plan every step of his financial journey to secure long-term financial success.

Tony Stewart, CEO of Quails’ Gate Winery, uses PSG to help make informed decisions to benefit his family and their family business.

Sean Pihl, owner of Pihl Law Corporation, uses PSG to help optimize his estate plan for a higher return and connect with industry experts to help grow and secure his business.